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OpTic Gaming Acquires Top Halo Team

14 Sep 2016 | By Kienan Osborne


OpTic Gaming is proud to announce the acquisition of the number one team in Halo!

During the season 2 finale of Vision, OpTic Gaming announced the new Gears of War line-up and with the third season set to start today, OpTic Gaming would like to extend a warm welcome to SnakeBite, Royal 2, Frosty and Lethul who will be making the transition from Counter Logic Gaming to compete for the GreenWall.

The players are making the switch to OpTic Gaming coming off of impressive victories at the HWC North American Finals and the Halo World Championship, a million dollar tournament. The newly acquired roster has only placed outside of the top 2 one time since Halo 2 Anniversary and secured a silver medal at X Games Aspen in 2016.

Maniac will be sticking with OpTic to drop beats and produce content. OpTic Gaming would like to thank Ace, aPG, and Heinz for their time spent competing for the GreenWall.