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OpTic Gaming Welcomes Tarik

23 Aug 2016 | By OpTic Gaming


Earlier this week OpTic Gaming revealed the new home for the Counter-Strike team on Vision and today we are proud to welcome a new member to the roster.

As of today OpTic Gaming will be releasing Stanislaw and moving forward, will be competing with Tarik who is making the transition from Counter Logic Gaming where he was both a player and entertainer. Tarik will be making his debut in front of the GreenWall tonight in their ESL Pro League match vs Team Liquid. Be sure to tune into the match and give Tarik a warm OpTic Gaming welcome and if you want to learn more be sure to check out his player profile on YouTube.

OpTic Gaming would like to wish Stanislaw all the best and thank him for the time he has spent competing for the GreenWall.